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Please note: This site is currently under construction, you can create short urls and edit but the stats feature is not yet fully available.

Features on the way:-

  • Statistical information - including country of origin
  • Preview - preview the URL target before you open the link
  • FAQ section
  • QR Code for generated URLs - Ready
  • free subdomain usage e.g. ebaystore.myurls.online

There are many URL shortening services available but would you like to be able to manage your short URLS better?, see usage statistics and basically have more control over them and add additional parameters to the link? - all for free!

Here at MyURLS Online our system can provide just that. Short urls you can manage yourself.

You have a few options when creating your shorter urls

1. Create a standard random short url just like all the others , however after a time if the url receives no traffic it will expire and will be re-used. While other service providers tend to never expire these short links, I think no traffic within a year means its not used anymore. This duration might change over time.

2. Create a shortened url using an alias name of your choice , provide your email address and a password and it will never expire and you will be able to modify the target or even delete the alias. You will get a notification after a time if there is no traffic for a sustained time

You may set an alias as active/inactive at anytime.

Creating a managed short url you can also view usage statistics.

I found a number of URL shortening sites on the net but none of them had what I needed for my use so MyURLS ONLINE was created.

They all worked with basic links but for more complex needs like the ability to add a parameter to the shortened URL appeared a little complicated or missing

To get started create a URL using the Create menu above


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